Passion? Is that like…some kind of drink?

I have always felt a bit funny about this word…passion. People talk about how we should find our ‘passion’ and if we’re ‘passionate’ about what we do, that we will never work a day in our lives. Well I have evolved to be a very numbers driven person, so I am looking for some stats here. How many people actually succeed in finding something/s they would say they are passionate about? To take it a step further – how many people make a career/living out of their passion/s? I’m pretty sure some people do – I certainly know a small number of people who have known what they wanted to do from a young age and who not only overcame a number of obstacles to get there, but continue to enjoy their work in all its reality. Freaks. Haha no, course I’m just joking! Well I’m not…but I am…a bit.


I used to be a fairly idealistic sort, who thought things would just work out the way we want them to, provided we followed our ‘hearts’. I would readily drop anything I was working on for a flight of fancy, only to be brought back to earth – face first – when the novelty wore off. However, since becoming a single mother I began to view life much differently – more realistically – and I learned some truths. Things don’t always just ‘work out’ – we grow to deal with our lot, because that’s what we have to do to survive. We aren’t all so lucky to find a passion, either in career or partner, but we are ridiculously lucky to be able to sit here worrying about things like relationships and job satisfaction, rather than where our child’s next meal will come from. We might have to work our bums off to ensure a comfortable retirement, but how lucky are we, if we happen to have a steady job, even if it is shitty!

This might sound all very bleak and dreary, but on the contrary, dear humans! Isn’t it grounding? Doesn’t it make you feel like, all of a sudden, that you have choices? Control? Because we do. Nothing is written! So look around you, at the space you’re occupying right now, because you have control over all of that and every time you venture out to your job, your school, exercise the reign you have over your domain (I’m a poet!)….be the MASTER OF YOUR DOMAIN!

Couple of thoughts before I go looking for that episode of Seinfeld now:

Things aren’t fun until you’re good at them.

If you can’t find anything to be passionate about, be compassionate.


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