Goals & Intentions

I will….

  1. Expand my literary knowledge
  2. Get fit and flexible
  3. Graduate on top of my class
  4. Take control of my anxiety and memory loss issues
  5. Become fearless
  6. Be a source of inspiration and happiness for my son
  7. Learn a 2nd language
  8. Become a morning person

I will do this by….

  1. Reading a chapter of a book a day
  2. Doing body weight exercises or cross trainer upon waking, and or gym during the day (bonus points for achieving 10,000 steps according to my FitBit, doing yoga or getting a massage). Drink 2L of water per day and prepare my meals the day before.
  3. Revising my subjects before returning to uni, then performing a minimal 3 hours of nightly study
  4. Practising meditation nightly before going to sleep
  5. Taking up singing (maybe), continuing to write this blog and start sharing it everywhere. Travel somewhere independently (planning in progress)
  6. Spending more time with him minus electronic devices. Encourage his relationship with his father. BE THERE FOR EVERYTHING
  7. Learning a new (or forgotten) Thai and/or Spanish word a day
  8. I hate even numbers but I had to add this in – go to be by midnight. Wake by 7am. Screens preferably off by 11:30pm

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